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CEREC Dental Crowns ,

CEREC Dental Crowns

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A tooth that has been broken, undergone root canal therapy or has a large filling may need to be crowned. In the past, getting a tooth crowned meant multiple visits to the dental office and a good deal of time between the first and final procedures. Today, many dental offices are able to provide patients… Continue reading

Keeping Your Smile Healthy in the Time of COVID

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In order to sustain a beautiful smile, you need to keep it healthy as well. Gum disease, cavities or even something as simple as halitosis can impact your smile in a negative manner. Practicing good oral hygiene techniques and getting regular dental checkups will help keep your smile healthy and looking great. Don’t Let Disease… Continue reading

Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Dental Patient

You may think that all you need to do to keep your smile looking its best is to brush and floss your teeth regularly, and of course, make sure you keep up with your dental checkups. While these strategies are the best preventive measures, they are not the only ones. There are many things that… Continue reading

Gum Contouring for Smile Enhancement

Middle-aged Afro-American woman with perfect smile.

There are many ways to improve a smile that leave something to be desired. When teeth are not in good condition, getting them repaired makes a big difference. Replacing missing teeth can make a drastic difference in a smile. Reshaping teeth or using dental veneers can also make a big difference in the way your… Continue reading

How Effective Is Dental Bonding In Terms Of Strength And Endurance?

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Dentists near you can apply a tooth-colored composite resin to one or more of your teeth to repair structural damage. There is dental bonding for gaps in between teeth and other anomalies like a chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth. What’s more? Tooth bonding can increase the size of a tooth. So, if you have a… Continue reading

How Does a Dentist Remove a Dental Crown to Replace it With Another?

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Dental crowns are used to improve the strength and appearance of your teeth. These are caps made to look like your teeth in appearance. They also extend the lifespan of your natural teeth. Teeth crowns are often made of porcelain, but you can get them in other materials such as gold, silver, and stainless steel.… Continue reading

Handling Dental Anxiety with Ease: Follow These Fresh Tips

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Climbing into the dentist’s chair is not anyone’s favorite pastime. Dental phobia and anxiety keep approximately 22 percent of Americans enduring dental pain instead of seeking treatment from a readily available dentist. People not only expose themselves to severe oral health complications but also overall health consequences. Dentists are aware patients experience dental appointment anxiety… Continue reading

The Procedure And Uses of Porcelain Dental Veneers

A young woman in a dental chair choosing color of veneers.

Charles Pincus was the genius who developed acrylic veneers in 1928. The surfaces aimed to reshape or redesign teeth. Over time dental veneers have been perfected to help people from all walks of life regain their confidence. Veneers help to maximize your smile and customize it to make it look unique. Veneers are thin pieces… Continue reading

Effective Strategies to Manage Patients with Dental Anxiety

A teenage girl with dental anxiety at dental appointment.

One of the most significant characteristics contributing to dental care delays and avoidance is fear and anxiety towards the dentist and treatment. Dental anxiety refers to anxiety associated with visiting your dentist for both preventive care and other dental procedures. It makes it hard for patients to visit the dentist, therefore endangering their oral health.… Continue reading

Myths You Should Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Middle-aged Afro-American woman with perfect smile.

Full mouth reconstruction focuses not only on cosmetic dentistry but also on other dental procedures to achieve the desired results. It will focus on bite, mouth, and teeth restoration. This plays a great role in improving your face and jaw structure, making you look young and attractive. It is usually needed when an individual has… Continue reading

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