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Effective Strategies to Manage Patients with Dental Anxiety ,

Effective Strategies to Manage Patients with Dental Anxiety

A teenage girl with dental anxiety at dental appointment.

One of the most significant characteristics contributing to dental care delays and avoidance is fear and anxiety towards the dentist and treatment. Dental anxiety refers to anxiety associated with visiting your dentist for both preventive care and other dental procedures. It makes it hard for patients to visit the dentist, therefore endangering their oral health.… Continue reading

Myths You Should Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Middle-aged Afro-American woman with perfect smile.

Full mouth reconstruction focuses not only on cosmetic dentistry but also on other dental procedures to achieve the desired results. It will focus on bite, mouth, and teeth restoration. This plays a great role in improving your face and jaw structure, making you look young and attractive. It is usually needed when an individual has… Continue reading

Understanding General Dentistry and Its Significance

Happy young woman in a dental chair showing her thumb up.

Visiting the dentist near you provides a significant impact on your oral hygiene practices. You find early treatment on your dental issues and maintain your overall health. General oral care involves diagnosing, preventing, and treating numerous dental disorders that affect your hard and soft oral tissues. Your dental practitioner provides useful services to maintain your… Continue reading

How To Overcome Dental Anxiety

Scared teenage girl in a dental chair.

When you think about the reasons why people avoid dental care, it is easy to fall back on negligence or downplaying the importance of oral health. While both of those are valid reasons, some patients avoid dental care because of dental anxiety. Dental anxiety has held back many patients from receiving the help they need… Continue reading

How to Manage Dental Anxiety and Survive the Lockdown This Friendship Day?

Happy middle-aged woman after dental treatment.

The concern of managing dental anxiety during the lockdown is pretty easy as dentists have limited nonessential dental services and are only attending to dental emergencies. Therefore if you cannot visit a dentist, you can also put your anxiousness on hold until the CDC and ADA permit dental professionals to open practices again to provide… Continue reading

Safeguarding Your Tooth and Roots after Root Canal Treatment

Young woman with dental pain pressing a bag of ice to her jaw.

Safeguarding your teeth and gums as they heal after recently undergoing root canal treatment will be high on your mind because you wouldn’t want to endure another painful procedure. The tips to protect your teeth discussed in this blog can help you recover as early as possible to enjoy years of good oral health. Root… Continue reading

How to Rejuvenate Your Smile with Dental Bonding

Happy middle-aged woman with perfect smile.

Do you subconsciously half-smile because of a chipped or cracked tooth? Might be you do not like the stains on your teeth, and it makes you uncomfortable, especially around new people. If you have been looking for a pocket-friendly option, then cosmetic bonding in Atlanta, GA, is for you. Composite bonding is an inexpensive and… Continue reading

Have Questions About Root Canal? Root Canal Explained!

Happy senior woman with a nice smile.

This is a procedure carried out for the sake of repairing and saving badly-decayed teeth. During this treatment, the pulp and nerve are extracted, and cleaning is done in the inner parts of the teeth. Once it is completed, sealing is done. Without the root canal treatment, the surrounding tissues may get infected, leading to… Continue reading

When An Unexpected Challenge Happens

Young woman with dental pain during emergency dentistry appointment.

2020 has shown us an unprecedented look at how business can change when an unforeseen and unexpected challenge can happen. We follow the news and world events as they happen and prepare our office and staff for any announced issues. As Atlanta dental specialists, we are well prepared to attend to our patients with a… Continue reading

Veneers Dentist in Sandy Springs

tooth color resin

Custom Dental Care – Creative Dentistry & Medspa Dental veneers help create beautiful, bright, white smiles and are a large part of cosmetic dentistry. They are also effective for protecting the surface of damaged teeth, which may help to eliminate the need for other, more extensive treatments. You can expect a range of benefits when… Continue reading

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