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Androgenetic alopecia, or hereditary hair loss, is a common problem affecting millions of people across the world. In males and females, hereditary hair loss is characterized by hair thinning and balding that gets worse over time.

While some people have no problem spotting the bald look, premature balding can cause embarrassment and other psychological challenges. Fortunately for you, there are treatments to combat hair thinning and hair loss.

At Creative MedSpa, we offer effective hair rejuvenation treatments, including microneedling and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Depending on your situation, these treatments may be prescribed together or separately.

Patients seeking flexible and mobile hair rejuvenation in Atlanta, GA, can also opt for the Capillus cap, a laser light therapy cap that activates hair growth.

What to Expect

During your visit with us, we will carefully examine you to determine whether you’re showing signs of androgenetic alopecia. Some patients may experience temporary hair loss as a result of illness or stress. Temporary hair loss usually resolves on its own after the illness or stress factors have been eliminated. Hereditary hair loss, on the other hand, gets worse with time and, as such, requires active intervention.

Microneedling and platelet-rich plasma therapy are tried and tested ways of fighting hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth in males and females.

Microneedling for Hair Loss Treatment

Microneedling is a cosmetic, dermaroller procedure that involves using ultra-fine needles to trigger micro-injuries on the skin. The body naturally responds by initiating the healing process. When used in hair loss treatment, microneedling stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Microneedling is minimally invasive and safe for your scalp.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP therapy involves drawing blood, processing it to separate it into various components, and then injecting the platelet-rich portion of the blood into the affected areas that require healing. In the case of PRP therapy for hair rejuvenation, the platelet-rich serum stimulates growth and healing of your hair follicles, resulting in thicker, more beautiful hair.

Capillus RX

The Capillus RX is a cap that delivers low-level laser therapy to your scalp. The laser energy triggers the growth of hair follicles, resulting in hair rejuvenation in areas previously affected by hair loss. The Capillus RX is one in the range of caps offered by Capillus LLC and currently has the highest energy output. A higher energy output means that the Capillus RX covers a larger area and produces denser results.

To rejuvenate your hair, you only need to wear the Capillus RX for six minutes each day. You should continue wearing the cap even after your hair regrows, as discontinuing your at-home treatment can trigger more hair loss.

The Capillus RX is only sold in medical offices, such as Creative Dentistry & Medspa.

Contact us today if you’re looking to enjoy hair rejuvenation in Atlanta, GA.

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