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At Creative Dentistry & Medspa, we use the best technology available for your Dental Implants to ensure the fastest healing time, the best cosmetic outcome, and to ensure your maximum comfort.

Do you have one or more missing teeth that you’d like to have replaced so you can regain self-confidence in your smile again? Have you noticed that some of your teeth are shifting out of place to fill the gap that a missing tooth left, and that the shifting is now causing other cosmetic and functional flaws in your smile? If so, the team at Creative Dentistry & Medspa is your local source for quality dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, available at our office in Sandy Springs, GA.

What Is a Dental Implant?

The gold standard in dental restorations is the dental implant. With a very high success rate, the dental implant is the preferred method of tooth replacement. A titanium post is inserted surgically into the jawbone to serve as the root of the new tooth. This post will adhere and bond to the bone as the surgical site heals, becoming a permanent structure in the mouth. A dental implant can be used to attach a dental crown for a single-tooth replacement, or the post can connect to dentures or artificial dental restorations to hold them in place.

The Benefits of a Natural-Looking Dental Implant

Although there are several reasons to choose a dental implant from our restorative dentist in Atlanta, GA, the number one reason patients pick our practice for their general and cosmetic dentistry appointment is our commitment to excellence in natural-looking dental work. Whether you choose a dental implant, dental veneers or any of the other cosmetic dental options offered at Creative Dentistry & Medspa, you have our assurance that your smile will look natural in every regard once the procedure is complete.

A dental implant is the preferred choice of many patients desiring a tooth replacement option since the result is the most durable of all options. To achieve such durability, the procedure can take upwards of four months to complete. But if you don’t have that amount of time to invest in your smile makeover, our dental care team has other options for you to consider, such as a dental bridge, a partial denture, or more.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

Dental implants can offer a permanent, lasting solution to missing teeth. Not only are dental implants functional, but they can also offer the most natural-appearing restorations for your smile. We utilize advanced dental technology, including specialized 3D imaging and scans to plan and perform your dental implant procedure. Our implant dentists carefully place and secure each implant in the best position to look natural and function correctly. We also offer dental implant maintenance and repairs to ensure your new implants last a lifetime.

Personalized Care from Creative Dentistry & Medspa

When you visit our restorative dentist for a dental implant consultation, we will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. You will never feel rushed or pressured into making a restoration choice. Instead, our dentists at Creative Dentistry & Medspa will provide you with a menu of services that you can choose from to make a decision that works best for your budget and lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more about the costs and timeframes for a tooth replacement or dental implant, call us now or use our convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment for a consultation and treatment plan. We look forward to helping you replace your missing teeth to restore your smile at our office in Sandy Springs, GA.

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