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Invisalign Treatment: Surprising Benefits ,
Invisalign Treatment Atlanta

Straightening your teeth is a rite of passage for many teens (and even many adults). But these days, there are more options than ever to help you get the smile of your dreams. You can try old-fashioned braces, at-home straightening kits, or our personal favorite: Invisalign.
Around 17 million people have used Invisalign since the early 2000s to straighten their teeth quickly, effectively, and discreetly. This treatment uses clear, removable aligning trays to straighten your teeth without brackets, wires, and all the hassle that comes with them. There are many benefits to straightening your smile with Invisalign – including a few that may surprise you.

Here are a few unexpected benefits of Invisalign:

No Dietary Restrictions

If you or someone you know has worn traditional braces, you probably know that braces have a profound impact on your eating habits. After visiting your orthodontist, many foods become “off-limits” like gum, popcorn, and even raw carrots! These foods can damage your braces, cause serious pain, and slow the treatment process.
When it’s time to chow down with Invisalign, nothing is off-limits. You can simply take out your aligners and indulge in your favorite foods! Just remember to brush your teeth before replacing your aligners so they still fit seamlessly over your smile.

A Safer Option for Athletes

About 50 to 70 percent of American children will wear braces before reaching adulthood. Similarly, about 54 percent of American kids play sports, including contact sports like football which can damage your teeth. Parents can (and should) opt for mouthguards to protect their kiddos’ pearly whites, but braces can alter a mouthguard’s fit, making it uncomfortable and ineffective.
With Invisalign, there are no bulky brackets on your teeth – which means your pre-orthodontic mouthguard will still fit like a charm! This makes aligners a much better – and ultimately safer – option for athletes of any age.

Invisalign Results in Dunwoody, Atlanta

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Straightening your teeth isn’t just about beautifying your smile (though that is a clear perk). Aligners instead of traditional braces may actually improve your oral health. While some research suggests a link between braces and gum recession, orthodontists have found that Invisalign rarely causes your gums to recede. By the time you complete your treatment, you’ll have a straighter smile and healthier gums, too!

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Invisalign Dentist in Dunwoody, Covington, Alpharetta

The benefits we’ve listed here are just some of the reasons why Invisalign is a great choice for anyone looking for a straighter smile. However, it’s important to remember that orthodontic work can be complicated, so it’s best to leave it to the pros! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for Invisalign today. We have locations in Covington, Atlanta and Alpharetta—trust in 20 years’ experience in dentistry.

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