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Which is Better—Crowns or Veneers? ,

It would be silly to say that we don’t notice each other’s mouths when first meeting someone, or even far after that. A smile can change someone’s day, and it all comes down to teeth. From color to shape to size, our chompers have a direct correlation to the “beauty” of our whole face, including how our skin sits and the shape of our lips. When it comes to creating an awesome smile and repairing teeth, lots of people choose crowns or veneers, but which is better?

Crowns are basically caps that are put over the damaged tooth or teeth. It can be in the front of the mouth, where it is designed to match other teeth, or in the back on a molar, where it is less visible. A crown can be made of different materials including metal, composite resin, porcelain, zirconia, ceramic, or a combination of all. Depending on what is needed, there are a few types of crowns available, such as temporary crowns, which last a short period of time, one-day crowns, which are crowns that can be put in during one visit, or ¾ crown, which only covers a certain area of the tooth, where needed. People who need crowns usually have damages in their teeth like cracks, weakened teeth, or very worn-down teeth. They’re also recommended if someone has just gotten a root canal, for protection of the vulnerable tooth, or if someone is missing a tooth altogether. If properly taken care of, crowns can last between five and fifteen years, depending on the type. Some other benefits include protection of wear and tear, chewing improvement, and of course, it makes those teeth look shiny and new. Crowns are meant to be restorative to the teeth they are placed on, so in addition to looking great, they help “improve the health of the tooth.”


So, what’s the catch with crowns? They seem too good to be true. Of course, nothing is perfect and crowns are no exception. Crowns can cause teeth sensitivity, and people with crowns may have to avoid certain foods like ice, popcorn, hard nuts, and sticky foods like taffy and caramel. If they aren’t attached perfectly, bacteria can grow in between them, which leads to tooth decay if not taken care of. Crowns can also be relatively expensive, costing between $800-$2500 or more.

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Are Crowns Covered by Insurance?

If you’re in the Atlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta or Covington area, you can contact us to learn if crowns are covered by your insurance. If they are not, we may have payment plans available.

Achieve a Superstar’s Smile with Veneers

There is another option to crowns, however. Veneers are a popular choice, especially among celebrities, and some have even complained that they look a little “too perfect.” Unlike crowns, veneers’ main purpose is for show. They are installed over the teeth to make them look amazing. They cover up cracks, discoloration, chips, or any unpleasantries a person wants to nix out of their smile. The “wafer-thin” shells are bonded to the front of the tooth and could change the color, size, shape or length of the original. Like crowns, veneers can be made from a variety of different materials such as resin or porcelain. Different types of veneers include composite veneers, which cover cosmetic issues, porcelain veneers, which cover more severe cosmetic issues, no-prep veneers, which is a less invasive option, or removable veneers, which you can wear like a retainer during the day and take off at night. Veneers can range from $1,800 to $2,500, and since it’s mostly cosmetic, veneers normally are not covered by insurance.

There’s pros and cons to both crowns and veneers; cost, durability, sensitivity. The question isn’t which one is better, it’s what are you looking to accomplish: repair, or appearance?

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