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We are delighted to share a wonderful article written by Meg Daws and Tanvi Reddy. ,

When it comes to self-care, we are all searching for genuine results. Creative MedSpa strives to meet the demands of the modern, forward-thinking men and women of Atlanta by combining the luxury of Hollywood’s celebrity skin therapy with practical, personalized treatment plans.

For Dr. Anitha Reddy, director of Creative MedSpa, this mission arises from their commitment to guarantee optimal results with minimally invasive techniques.

“Doing minimally invasive treatments on a regular basis will prolong the need for major surgical treatments such as facelifts down the road,” says Reddy. “It will maintain the skin’s vitality for a longer time.”

Unlike a regular spa, Creative Medspa is a medical skincare destination that offers top of the line medical-grade services to produce lasting, comprehensive results that are more than just skin deep.

“The best you can get from a day spa is a nice temporary glow and maybe hydration for a few weeks. Here, we try to go even further,” says Medical Esthetician Bessy Teague. “You get some fluff, but we are more focused on stimulating collagen and turning back the hands of time. We nourish the skin with nutrients to not only create collagen but also heal injured cells. It’s not just moisturizing but getting in and improving the skin.”

Having earned the world’s most prestigious diplomas for aesthetics and beauty therapy, CIDESCO and ITEC, Teague’s highly specialized knowledge of the skin and its reaction to various factors is a huge advantage to her clients. The extensive training required to merit this international diploma, seen as a master’s degree in esthetics and is more intense than that of a regular Georgia license.

“What differentiates us is our knowledge,” says Teague. “A lot of the treatments we do can injure and scar skin, but we can prevent this.”

Creative MedSpa treats a wide range of skin types, skin tones, and age groups. The flexibility to customize treatment plans to a patients’ needs is essential to be inclusive of their diverse clientele. They understand the importance of getting a holistic picture of a patient that extends pasts the superficial appearance.

“Skin tone is not only what we see visually, but it’s also heritage. A lot of people don’t take this into account, which can negatively impact the patient,” explains Teague. “Making sure we do a thorough consultation before starting any treatment is necessary to guarantee patients achieve their desired results.”

Nothing lasts forever, but Creative MedSpa works to go the extra mile to produce radiant results that accentuate each client’s natural beauty. Our skin reflects our overall state of health and thus deserves nothing but the best. We cannot control what other people think of us, but the way we present ourselves is a personal choice that directly influences these perceptions. Investing in skin therapy shows that you are not only mindful of how you carry ourselves, but also that you are observant and attentive to the world around you.

“Businessmen and women come to us because their face is the first impression. Others want it because they want to feel beautiful and confident. Confident people are beautiful,” says Teague. “It has nothing to do with external beauty – confidence has to do with how you feel. If you’re feeling beautiful, then you have that confidence about you that makes you beautiful. “

Posted on behalf of Creative Dentistry & MedSpa

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