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Body of a slim woman with perfect skin

Have you tried several methods on losing fats without positive results? trusculpt might just be what you need to try and our medspa in Atlanta is here to change your dreams to reality. It uses a non invasive technology that utilizes monopolar radio frequency energy to destroy fat cells in your body with minimal downsides.

This Atlanta med spa is just a call away as you can book an appointment and enjoy the body you deserve.

How can this body sculpting procedure be carried out

When you visit our medspa in Atlanta for this treatment, we will tailor the procedure according to your needs and this includes the parts of your body that you need to burn fats from and how many sections you will need.

On the average, it takes about 15 to 60 minutes to finish one section but this depends on how many treatment areas that will be worked on. This procedure can however last for several weeks as this depend on the required results.

The procedure proper will be kick started by applying a gel around the treatment areas before using a probe to navigate areas that need fats to be burnt off.

These fats are destroyed by the passage of radio frequency energy to the skin down to the muscles which result in the breakdown of these unwanted fats.

Following the breakdown of these fats, they will remain in your circulation for a while.

The fats will not just disappear as it will take close to 12 weeks for your body to eliminate these fats from your circulation and that is when you will experience the full benefit of the procedure

How safe is this procedure

It Is good to note that this procedure is very safe with minimal downsides as the heat energy generated is fat specific and destroys only the fat cells.

It is designed to be specific in action so as not to cause any undesirable effect to your body.

How effective is this procedure

Our Atlanta med spa has carried out this procedure for a lot of our clients and have found it to be very effective leaving most of them satisfied with the results.

It has the ability to burn 24 percent of fat deposits on different parts of the body.

Though this procedure is permanent, the fats can grow back with weight gain which means that you should practice a weight management lifestyle following this procedure so as to enjoy a lasting result as increase in weight can translate to increase in fat deposits.

Why should you choose a trusculpt treatment?

It comes with lots of advantages amongst which includes the following:

  • It is non invasive which means that surgery is not required when undertaking this procedure.
  • It is far less expensive when compared to other methods such as plastic surgeries.
  • You return back to your normal activities soon after this procedure.
  • Results are permanent as long as there is no increase in weight.
  • There is a good chance that your skin will become tighter following this procedure if you have a loose skin.
  • It can make you feel good in your clothes and even better out of your clothes so you can feel free to wear your shorts and sleeveless or even hangout in a beach.

How long will you need to wait before you see the results?

It can take as much as 12 weeks to see appreciable results and this is because of the time it takes for the kidneys to excrete those fat cells in the circulation through some results can be seen soon after the procedure but additional sections might be required for personalized results

What parts of your body can this work for?

Abdominal and flank fats are usually targeted by most people but this procedure can burn fats in nearly all parts of your body including legs, hands and cheeks.

Do you need a body sculpting procedure to bring out the shape you desire? Give us a call and an appointment will be booked.

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