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Myths You Should Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction ,
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Full mouth reconstruction focuses not only on cosmetic dentistry but also on other dental procedures to achieve the desired results. It will focus on bite, mouth, and teeth restoration. This plays a great role in improving your face and jaw structure, making you look young and attractive. It is usually needed when an individual has lost more than two teeth, has worn out or fractured teeth, suffers from extensive tooth decay, or needs jaw repositioning.

Any dental problems displayed on your mouth should require a detailed treatment plan that improves the dental structure functionality and gives you that overall smile makeover you have always wanted.

Procedures Done During Reconstruction

Depending on the needs you may have, the following are examples of reconstruction procedures that might be done to you once you visit our offices at the Creative Dentistry & Medspa.

  • Oral surgery. This includes the removal of impacted teeth, soft tissue grafts, or tooth extractions. It is used to repair dents and treat other health complications improving the appearance of your mouth.
  • Implants. They are used to replace missing teeth. The metal roots are fixed to the bone to offer a solid foundation to the artificial tooth, making it permanent and natural.
  • Root canal. This procedure is used to remove plaque and clean the decaying roots and other affected parts of your teeth. Extensively damaged teeth are thus saved through this procedure.
  • Dental crowns. They are used to correct several dental problems. Crowns replace missing teeth and protect chipped or cracked teeth from further damages. They are also used in teeth reshaping and whitening.
  • Fillings. Dental fillings are used in the restoration of teeth that have been damaged by cavities. They restore the teeth’s function of chewing food and protect them from harmful oral bacteria.
  • Orthodontics. Misaligned or protruded teeth could change your dental structure affecting your smile. In such cases, braces could be used to re-shift your teeth, fixing them in the right angles and levels. As the years go by, more adults are starting to embrace braces because of their efficiency.

Myths about Full Mouth Reconstruction

It’s Expensive
Full mouth reconstruction procedures are not expensive. Dentists always give a discount when the procedures are more than two. You are advised to talk to your insurance company to ensure that they cover some of the cosmetic procedures. It is also okay to ask your dentist how much the procedure will cost you.
You will feel extreme pain
When you hear the word dentist, what comes into your mind? I bet it’s pain. Local anesthetics are used before the procedure takes place, making your mouth numb. After the procedure, pain-relieving medication is prescribed to help you deal with the pain. The pain shouldn’t last for more than three days, so if it does, consult your doctor for immediate care.
Maintenance is next to impossible
After reconstruction, you’ll get cosmetic teeth that are just as normal as your natural teeth. You shouldn’t be stressed about how you should care for them because your practitioner will give you the guideline to follow. Continue with your regular brushing and flossing routine, and make sure you visit your dentist for regular check-ups at least twice a month.
Although most materials used during these procedures are designed to withhold the pressure exerted during chewing, they can break. However, this can be avoided by wearing a mouthguard while doing accident-prone activities. Also, avoid biting nails, cracking nuts, or eating hard foods.
You’ll look unnatural
Most cosmetic procedures are customized to blend in with your dental structure. Dr. Laura McKenzie will consider your skin, teeth’ shade, and dental structure before choosing the artificial teeth color that suits you best.
Anyone can do it
Not everyone can perform all the reconstructive procedures. Some of the cosmetic procedures require a specialist who will be able to take care of your needs. Our dentist in Atlanta will help you find a certified specialist.
There are no health benefits
Oral reconstruction procedures play a huge role in ensuring your oral and general health well-being are at their peak. Replacement of missing teeth will improve your mouth’s functionality. This procedure also ensures that the present oral complications such as tooth decay or gum diseases are treated.
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