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Keeping Your Smile Healthy in the Time of COVID ,
Healthy Teeth

In order to sustain a beautiful smile, you need to keep it healthy as well. Gum disease, cavities or even something as simple as halitosis can impact your smile in a negative manner. Practicing good oral hygiene techniques and getting regular dental checkups will help keep your smile healthy and looking great.

Don’t Let Disease Creep Up on You

Cavities and gum disease begin very subtly. You may not even realize there is a problem until you start to feel some symptoms. This is one reason why regular dental checkups are critical for optimal oral health. Your dentist can identify dental issues before they have the opportunity to develop into painful, expensive problems.

A cavity begins as a tiny pit on the tooth enamel. As time goes on, the acids created by harmful bacteria in the mouth continue to eat away at the surface of the tooth until the decay reaches the inner layer, called dentin. Even though the dentin is still very hard, it is softer than the enamel and decay can spread faster. Stopping the process before it gets worse is critical. Once the decay reaches the pulp, or nerve center of the tooth, not only will you experience excruciating pain, but root canal therapy will also be needed to save the tooth, if there is enough healthy tooth structure left. If there is not, the tooth will need to be extracted.

During your checkup, the hygienist will check for gum problems. Gingivitis is easily treated in the early stages. You may have areas in the back of your mouth that are problematic without you being aware of it. The hygienist can address these areas and prevent the disease from developing any further.

In addition to ruining your smile, gum disease and decayed teeth can make your breath smell bad. If you have problems that are not visible within your smile line, you may appear to have a healthy smile, but your breath may say something else.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Smile

There is no substitute for good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing after meals or at least twice a day is the best preventive care for keeping cavities and gingivitis at bay. If you wear a mask for hours at a time, you will also need to keep your mouth hydrated for oral health.

People tend to breathe through the mouth when wearing a mask. This leads to a dry mouth, which leaves your teeth and gums more susceptible to disease. Removing your mask and breathing fresh air whenever possible throughout the day, and keeping you mouth moist, will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

At Creative Dentistry & MedSpa, we help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Call today to schedule an appointment for a dental checkup to ensure your mouth is healthy.

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