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How to Manage Dental Anxiety and Survive the Lockdown This Friendship Day? ,
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The concern of managing dental anxiety during the lockdown is pretty easy as dentists have limited nonessential dental services and are only attending to dental emergencies. Therefore if you cannot visit a dentist, you can also put your anxiousness on hold until the CDC and ADA permit dental professionals to open practices again to provide all dental services.

Dentists are not providing nonessential services for a specific reason, but do you have any goals for not maintaining your oral health in excellent condition? Teledentistry has made it possible for dental professionals to provide appointments via video or phone calls. Dentists are also using social media sites like Instagram live to manage problems such as teeth grinding and jaw pain, along with bleeding gums and oral hygiene. Yes, you will undoubtedly be free from visiting the dentist’s office and go through the probing or the weird smells of the dental office. However, is it possible for you to prevent dental emergencies from occurring? Are you in a position where managing dental emergencies will not be stressful?

To prevent yourselves from encountering such issues and to maintain excellent oral hygiene during the lockdown, we recommend you continue reading this blog for more information.

How to Give Your Teeth a Safer Deep Clean at Home without Help from a Dental Hygienist?
Caring for your teeth and gums every day is essential. Neglecting the practice can result in sore and bleeding gums, plaque buildup, and bacteria remaining in your mouth. Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is recommended by the dentist in Atlanta to ensure the prevention of plaque and bacteria buildup. If you are unsuccessful in this effort, it will eventually lead to the accumulation of calculus or tartar, which needs assistance from a dental idealist. You must also floss your teeth every day at least once before brushing, if possible. Flossing is essential to remove food particles trapped between the teeth that can cause severe damage. You can also use an interdental toothbrush to remove plaque and food particles from between your teeth.
Which Toothpaste Should You Use?
Selecting the toothpaste recommended by your dentist or one approved by the ADA is your best option in a situation where the only source of product suggestions is the pharmacy or the supermarket. It would help if you understood these places are not qualified experts recommend products. Therefore, for the time being, you can either stay with the recommendations of your dentist or consider any product authenticated by the ADA as suitable for your use.
How to Manage Discoloration of the Teeth?
If you are affected by teeth discoloration, it is recommended that you do not try any over-the-counter products, which are, in most cases, ineffective even to remove extrinsic stains. The products do not contain concentrated hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, making them weak for whitening teeth. It would be helpful for you to adopt measures that will prevent extrinsic staining by limiting foods and beverages with staining dyes and quitting the use of tobacco altogether. Do not attempt using charcoal scrubs and other remedies that are gaining traction on the market because they are not useful for whitening your teeth.
Managing Dental Emergencies
Managing dental emergencies is challenging, especially when you are not aware when you could encounter one. However, if you keep the present situation in mind with most dental practices only offering limited treatments, it should encourage you to have in place preventive measures to avoid dental emergencies altogether. You can use a mouth guard to prevent teeth from getting knocked out, take excellent care of your oral hygiene to prevent gum disease by practicing the recommendations of Dr. Laura McKenzie from the Creative Dentistry & Medspa. However, despite the preventive measures adopted, if you encounter a dental emergency, you can always contact the dental professional spoken about in this discussion for emergency assistance, which will be provided by using technological means.
Dental emergencies despite being considered as non-life-threatening have still received attention from the ADA and the CDC that have decided that dentists can provide the required treatments in such situations. If, for any reason, you cannot avoid a dental emergency and are not in a position to manage it yourselves can contact an emergency dentist online and talk to him or her about your symptoms before receiving an appointment for the dental care needed.

We hope the information provided in this blog will help you manage your dental anxiety and survive the lockdown through this Friendship Day and hope that the lockdown eases off soon to ensure you have your dental anxiety back and begin visiting the dentist for regular examinations and cleanings. Until then, please manage your oral hygiene excellently because it is the best you can do in this challenging situation.

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