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Full Mouth Reconstruction – Explained! ,
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Sometimes, we must start from the ground up. In dentistry, this means a full mouth reconstruction. The process sounds intimidating—and it can be—but the key to not being intimidated by something is to understand it. Once broken down into smaller steps and fully explained, full mouth reconstruction at Creative Dentistry & Medspa becomes less daunting.

Full mouth reconstruction—also called full mouth restoration or full mouth rehabilitation—can be a complicated process, but with the right information and the right dentist, it can be the key to making a patient’s mouth as good as new. The process includes a series of dental procedures, all of which are meant to restore the mouth both functionally and cosmetically. Typically, full mouth restorations are recommended for people whose teeth are missing or damaged extensively. Other candidates for full mouth restoration include: TMD sufferers; patients with gum disease; and people whose teeth have worn down due to grinding or clenching. These problems can become so severe that they impact other parts of the body and cause pain in areas such as the neck and head.

before undergoing a full mouth restoration, a patient should meet with his or her dentist at our Atlanta location. During this visit, the dentist will most likely evaluate the patient’s dental and general medical history, perform an oral exam, take x-rays and discuss which treatments are best for the patient. Full mouth restoration can include many different procedures. Some of the most common are: implants, crowns, fillings, bonding, veneers and bridges. Typically, full mouth restorations involve general or restorative dentists (who perform procedure like crowns, bridges and veneers). Depending on the patient’s needs, the general dentist might call in specialists such as periodontists (gum specialists), orthodontists (who specialize in tooth movements and positioning), endodontists (tooth pulp specialists) and oral surgeons.

Full mouth restorations can benefit patients in many ways. The process improves the overall health of the mouth by replacing and restoring teeth that might need some work. Additionally, a full mouth reconstruction might involve realigning and correcting a patient’s bite to relieve tension and improve chewing. Tension relief can be beneficial for a patient’s gums, jaws, neck, head and shoulders. Finally, full mouth restorations can make a patient’s smile more aesthetically pleasing, and it can give a patient a more youthful appearance overall.

While full mouth reconstruction can be a hefty project, its benefits are numerous. By the end of the process, a patient’s mouth is much healthier and more comfortable. As a bonus, restored teeth can deduct years off a patient’s outward appearance and add bounties of self-confidence in his or her newly beautiful smile. Contact us at Creative Dentistry & Medspa in 5505 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Suite 460, Atlanta, GA 30342 now to learn more.

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