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Does Plasma Pen Treatment Really Work Better than Botox? ,
Facial Treatment

When it comes to youth and beauty, everyone loves to look always charming and attractive no matter what age they are. As advancement can be seen everywhere in this high-tech era, you possibly have solutions to combat your skin issues. There are ways available that may lead you towards a youthful appearance by diminishing your aging signs.

Plasma pen treatment is one of the powerful treatments available that can help you to have your face look beautiful by lifting your saggy skin. The doctors do it by boosting collagen formation which is the main source behind youthful and beautiful skin. So, if you are having aging signs before age, you can get the skin tightening treatment done at any time.

How Does Plasma Pen Treatment Work?

It is considered the most authentic, even better than plastic surgery for skin rejuvenation. In the process oxygen and nitrogen play a key role, they create plasma and electric energy is converted to electrostatic energy.

The discharge of plasma in the epidermis boosts the production of collagen for the next few months and gradually a patient experiences the formation of new skin tissues.

This treatment is fresh and new in the cosmetic industry, but still it is gaining popularity over botox or plastic surgery. Plasma pen treatment in Atlanta, GA is the only treatment that can be performed successfully on eyelids.

Plasma Pen Treatment or Botox – Which Is Better?

Botox is the most popular and easily accessible treatment that has a positive effect on skin rejuvenation. This treatment is done by using injections. It shows its effects within 30 minutes which is quite an instant result. It is popular because almost everyone knows about it and people prefer this treatment over surgery.

On the other hand, plasma pen treatment is not that well-known because it is not that known and has just arrived in the industry. But it is amazing and fruitful for those people who don’t like to have injections or don’t want any surgical thing done on their face. When it comes to their results, one can see the changes within the 2-3 weeks.

When it comes to the procedure and results, both botox and pen plasma are poles apart. Although they are different, they are used to resolve similar problems in the human body. You can choose us for botox near in Atlanta.

No one can conclude which one is better because every individual is different and people have their own choices and preferences. But these both treatments are for those who don’t want to get involved in surgeries and still want to retain their natural appearance and beauty as well.

Advantages of Having Plasma Pen Treatment

When it comes to the rejuvenation of the skin, this treatment is securing a place in the good books of the patients. There are so many advantages of having the procedure done on the face.

We have listed here some of the most prominent ones:

  • Titans the skin and make it look more youthful and beautiful.
  • Boost the formation of collagen.
  • Efficient treatment to remove fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Plasma pen treatment is well known to remove stretch marks.
  • They are quite useful to remove blemishes, sun spots, moles, and dark spots.
  • This treatment can also be used to remove tattoos.
  • Useful to remove acne plus the spots left by them.
  • Best treatment on eyelids as they are the most delicate and sensitive area of the face.
  • Defines a prominent jawline for you.
  • The treatment is capable of doing a facelift as well as a neck lift.
  • Helps in the formation of new skin tissues etc.

The list of benefits provided by the pen plasma treatment is amazing in Medspa in 30342. This treatment can combat almost every common skin problem that people face usually. Skin is the most precious thing and one should not go for any treatment before making a deep understanding of the treatment and the procedure.

It is advised that while you choose to go for any skin treatment, choose an authentic place and qualified professional to carry out the process. After all, it is the matter of your face. At Creative Medspa, you can contact for trusculpt treatment in Atlanta as well as for fibroblast therapy and much more.

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