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Are Facial Lines and Wrinkles Making You Frown? ,
Happy Dental Patient

Your face is the first thing that people will notice about you. An attractive smile will captivate those around you and is the key to success in your professional and personal life. The natural aging process coupled with genetic susceptibility will result in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These blemishes may be most noticeable on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the mouth.

Not only will the skin lose elasticity as it gets older, but it will also lose youthful plumpness. You may notice that your cheeks and neck in particular look increasingly sallow and craggy. Several environmental factors exacerbate the aging process. Smoking, suntanning (either naturally or using sunbeds) and an unhealthy diet put undue pressure on the skin’s ability to regenerate.

Create A New Look Today

At Creative Dentistry & MedSpa, we understand how important it is to feel happy and confident with your looks. Shyness about your appearance can prevent you from putting your best self forward when opportunities arise.

Creative Dentistry & MedSpa has many years of experience reversing and repairing damage to teeth. Stained teeth age the face and suggest poor oral hygiene. Consuming coffee, tea and soda adds stains to the teeth, as does smoking.

Tooth whitening strips away yellow or brownish discoloration, restoring a natural, white smile. Teeth that have gaps, chips or cracks can be repaired in one appointment with composite fillings. Dental bridges replace a missing tooth to create an unbroken grin you will be proud to display.

Having beautiful teeth can boost your confidence, but if you are unhappy with the rest of your features, you may still not feel inclined to smile. Creative Dentistry & MedSpa offer a range of procedures to lift your entire visage. Botox® injections are an effective solution for improving the appearance of facial wrinkles. Facial fillers and injectables add youthful volume and plumpness to the cheeks and lips, perfecting the contours of the face.

Rather than shopping around for a separate dentist and beauty consultant, make Creative Dentistry & MedSpa your one-stop for a brand new you. Contact our offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta or Covington today.

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