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ViziLite® Plus in Atlanta, GA

Regular oral cancer screenings are an essential component of ensuring your continued oral well-being. You should get screened for oral cancer at least once a year. However, individuals at a higher risk for oral cancer usually require more frequent screenings.

For many years, dentists have performed oral cancer screenings using naked-eye observations that are aided by ordinary light, and sometimes a special blue dye. Fast forward to today, and advancements in dental technology have brought forth more innovative ways to conduct oral cancer screenings.

In particular, ViziLite® Plus is a modern-day oral screening technology that enables dentists to detect oral abnormalities in their early stages. ViziLite Plus utilizes cutting-edge patented technology in the identification and marking of oral lesions.

ViziLite Plus has enhanced oral cancer screenings, making them more comprehensive than before. Visit Creative Dentistry of Atlanta to try out ViziLite Plus near you.

How ViziLite Plus Works

During your appointment, our dentist in Atlanta, GA, will begin by carefully assessing your oral cavity to determine the presence of any precancerous conditions that are visible to the naked eye. Such symptoms include unexplained bleeding, white or red lesions or patches, and lumps. The dentist will ask whether you’ve been experiencing any difficulties when swallowing or chewing, as this may be indicative of an underlying problem.

Our dentist will then incorporate the ViziLite Plus screening system into the evaluation. ViziLite Plus uses chemiluminescent light technology to highlight abnormal tissue. Abnormal tissue in your oral cavity will appear as white, while the healthy tissue will be dark. A blue phenothiazine dye (TBlue630) marks the lesions, if any, thus allowing the dentist to make a professional calculation of the next steps. In case of any worrying signs, the typical next step for a dentist is to order or perform a biopsy to conclusively determine the presence or absence of cancer cells.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection of oral cancer is particularly crucial to successful treatment. When detected early, oral cancer can be treated inexpensively and through less grueling procedures. Late-stage diagnosis often requires costly and complicated treatment procedures, which can also be disfiguring.

Your mouth is a pivotal part of your body as it allows you to get the nourishment you require and communicate with others. As such, oral cancer not only negatively impacts your oral well-being but your overall health as well. Oral cancer screening safeguards your oral health and your overall well-being, and as such, must be prioritized.

Are you looking to experience comprehensive oral cancer screenings that incorporate ViziLite Plus in Atlanta, GA? Contact the Creative Dentistry of Atlanta today to schedule your appointment.

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