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Root Canal in Atlanta, GA

Although you may be apprehensive about having a root canal, we have dental technology that can make you comfortable throughout the procedure. You will need a root canal if decay has gotten into the pulp, or your tooth has broken off in an accident. Being aware of what to expect from the procedure can also help you feel at ease.

Process for Root Canals

If you have a toothache or the crown of your tooth has cracked or broken, then a root canal is often necessary to repair the tooth. When you visit one of our dentists at Creative Dentistry of Atlanta, he or she will do a thorough exam of your teeth. Then, they will concentrate on the tooth that needs a root canal to form a treatment plan.

The plan will usually take at least two visits. On the first visit to our dentist in Atlanta, GA, he or she will perform the root canal by numbing the tooth and drilling into the crown to access its interior. The pulp gets removed, and the root chamber gets filled temporarily. The dentist then places an order for a crown to replace the old one.

Root Canal Aftercare

After the first phase of a root canal, take care with what you eat and try not to bite down on the tooth. Choose soft foods until you go back for the final step of the procedure, which is placing the crown. Also, gently brush and floss the tooth to keep the area clean.

Placing the Crown

Once the crown arrives at the dentist’s office, you will return, and one of our dentists at Creative Dentistry of Atlanta will place it over the tooth. If your tooth has the original crown, then it may need trimming or filing to fit the new crown properly. After shaping it, our dentist near you in Atlanta, GA will cement the crown in place.

Usually, over-the-counter pain medication will take care of any discomfort that you feel. If it doesn’t, or the tooth still feels sensitive after a few days, contact our dentist at Creative Dentistry of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA. However, the discomfort usually goes away in a day or two. Keep eating soft foods for a few days to allow for the tooth to finish healing, and then you can eat the foods that you love.

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