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Dental Anxiety Management in Atlanta, GA

Are you terrified of dentists? Does the prospect of a dental appointment make you shake in your boots? If yes, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a prevalent problem affecting millions across the world. For some people, dental anxiety is a mild concern that goes away with some bit of coaxing. For others, it’s a debilitating problem that prevents them from getting the dental care they deserve.

Dental anxiety management refers to the various ways in which the dentist and patient collaborate to ensure the patient’s comfort during treatment.

Dental anxiety management in Atlanta, GA, allows patients who experience fear of dental visits to get professional care without incident. Whether you fall into the mild panic or extreme terror categories, Creative Dentistry of Atlanta is committed to ensuring that your dental appointments go from terrifying to pleasant.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

Understanding the underlying cause of your dental anxiety is the first step towards addressing the same. Dental anxiety may be rooted in past experiences and other psychological factors, including the need to maintain control, the desire to keep external parties outside of your personal space, and even your upbringing, to name a few. If you’ve grown up listening to scary stories about dentists, then you’ll quickly learn to think of dental appointments as horrific events that must be avoided.

Our dentist in Atlanta, GA, will help you unpack the root cause of your dental anxiety so that we can work towards making your dental visits a little easier. We are happy to accommodate you within reasonable limits to make your treatments more pleasant. Feel free to share your concerns with our dentist before the start of your dental procedure.

For instance, if leaning back in the dentist’s chair makes you feel anxious, we can slightly recline the chair to ensure you’re in an almost upright position. It may seem like a little thing, but it’s often the little things that make the most significant difference.

What Are Your Options?

The first thing you’ll need to do is discuss your concerns with our dentist in Atlanta, GA. If you experience dental anxiety, make a point of mentioning this to our dentist so that arrangements are made to make you feel safer and more relaxed.

Creative Dentistry of Atlanta offers various options in dental anxiety management near you, including the opportunity to be sedated during dental procedures. If mild and moderate sedation doesn’t work for you, you may be put to sleep (general anesthesia) during dental treatment. Several considerations must be made, in regards to your overall health and medical history, before sedation and general anesthesia are put on the table.

Other dental anxiety management tips that patients can utilize include being fully informed on the details on the procedure and bringing a family or friend to the appointment. Remember that practicing proper dental hygiene at home will keep cavities and oral diseases away, thus lowering your risk for major dental problems that require complicated procedures. Preventive dentistry, including regular dental exams and cleanings, will go a long way in helping you stave off tooth decay and gum disease.

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