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When considering adequate insurance coverage, many of us push dental insurance toward the bottom of the list. In fact, there are several types of dental insurance, and proper coverage requires you to pick the best one for you. Having no dental insurance, however, is not advised because of the many benefits coverage provides you.

Some of the advantages of dental insurance include:

  • Reduced costs of regular cleanings and x-rays
  • Coverage or partial coverage of more complicated repairs, such as orthodontic work
  • A safety net in case of severe damage following an accident
  • Improved dental care for young children and the elderly, those who need it most
  • Better oral health – our oral health is connected to our overall health, and dental insurance helps us maintain both properly

As with all forms of insurance coverage, there are different plans, types and benefits of dental insurance. To truly understand your options and what’s best for you, speak with an insurance specialist in a dentist office or with a representative from your current insurance provider who can explain to you the details of each plan.

Here are just a few of the basic types of dental insurance and a summary of what they include.

  1. Preferred Provider Organization. PPO plans are among the most affordable because they limit your coverage to a certain pool of pre-approved dentists. Receiving care from an out-of-network provider can be costly.
  2. Indemnity Plan. With indemnity plan dental insurance, you aren’t restricted to what doctor you can see. These are fee-for-service plans, however, there’s typically an annual cap on what you can spend.
  3. Reimbursement plans provide guidelines for employers to reimburse employees for dental care and services.
  4. Other plans that restrict you to a specific network of dental providers include closed panel dental plans and, sometimes, self-insurance dental coverage.

These are just a few of your dental insurance options, and with every plan, there are many stipulations to coverage. Before scheduling a filling, crown or root canal, speak with your insurance company or an in-house insurance specialist at your dentist’s office to see what your out of pocket costs are going are. Some dental insurance has waiting periods, so be sure to ask about that, as well.

If you’re considering a cosmetic dental procedure, be extra careful when evaluating the costs. Most cosmetic dental work is not covered by your average dental insurance.

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