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Digital X-Rays

We eliminate the inconvenience of standard X-rays by using digital X-ray technology.

Whereas traditional X-ray images require lab time to be developed, the digital images are available moments after we take them. In addition to saving a considerable amount of time, the process is user-friendly for both dentist and patient. You can watch as the images appear on a computer screen seconds after the X-ray is taken, and the technology allows us to enlarge, highlight, magnify, and store your X-ray photos. We can enlarge prints or email them to other doctors for further diagnosis.

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"The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Reddy was very nice and thorough. I look forward to my next cleaning!!"
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5505 Peachtree
Dunwoody Rd. Suite 460
Atlanta, GA 30342


(404) 883-3287

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