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Dental Bridges

Lost a tooth? Don’t fret- though it may be uncomfortable and look unappealing for now, cosmetic dentistry has several options for tooth replacement like bridges, partial dentures or dental implants. To many dental patients, partial dentures sound unappealing- unless they’re senior. While you may have already heard of dental implants, the latest craze in restorative dentistry- we’re going to talk about bridges today. Dental bridges at Creative Dentistry of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia are still a viable, economic and visually appealing option for tooth replacement.

Traditionally, dental bridges require the adjacent teeth to be crowned- so that fixing the permanent bridge does not damage the surface of the existing teeth. Crowning the remaining teeth next to the bridge ensures that the bridge and prosthetic teeth stay in place for life, and the existing teeth stay healthy and secure.

Bridges vs. Dentures

If you’re missing just one tooth, a dental bridge will better suit your needs than getting a set of partial dentures. Especially if the remaining teeth are relatively healthy, aside from the missing tooth, there is little need for dentures and a fixed dental bridge will function better. Dentures can be fairly inconvenient, when it comes to eating, speaking and care, so if they can be avoided choosing an alternative option will usually suit the patient’s dental and lifestyle needs better.

Bridges vs. Implants

Sometimes a patient isn’t the best candidate for dental implants. Depending on how long the tooth has been missing, the facial bones may have receded too much for implantation surgery to be possible without an additional bone graft surgery.

Not all patients are candidates for bone graft surgery, making a dental bridge the next best option. Lucky for these patients, bridges are much more affordable than dental implants, which rely on some of the latest technology and materials and are still one of the most expensive treatment options on the market today.

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